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B005     1905 Rotoscope Folding Stereoscope

It was made by the Rotary Photographic Co., Ltd. London, who also published stereograms to fit the viewer. The original stereo card included is Vesta Tilley and Walter Freece in a punt. which size is in stereo postcard form.
This is a larger versiion of the Pocket Rotoscope and dates from around the same time 1905-1909. Measuring 150 x 100 x 18 cm (6 x 4 x3/4 in) The viewer is in book form. It folds out and the lens panel is erected by the extendable septum. The lenses have interocular movement. The stereogram holder moves back and forth for focussing. Overall a neat, clever design. The tin plate is lithographed green and gold.

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